SWITCH Conference will during Oslo Innovation Week 2023 September 25th to 29th be launched as one of the new main conferences. The conference will take place Wednesday 27th in the main OIW arena at TREKANTEN starting from 9am. Explore the Program and Speakers.
Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is an annual innovation festival that takes place in Oslo, Norway. The event brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and thought leaders from around the world to explore the latest trends in technology, business, and society.

The Oslo Innovation Week is organized by Oslo Business Region, a company owned by the City of Oslo and the surrounding region. The event is typically held in September each year and features a wide range of activities, including conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and networking events.

The main objective of Oslo Innovation Week is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Norway and to showcase Oslo as a vibrant hub for innovation and technology. The event provides a platform for startups and entrepreneurs to connect with investors and potential customers, and to gain exposure to the latest trends and technologies in their respective industries.

Overall, Oslo Innovation Week is an important event for anyone interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, and is a great opportunies.