Viking Hall Finalist #5



The amount of renewable energy needed to replace fossil fuels requires enabling new energy production technology. IEA estimates that 30 % of energy in 2050 needs to come from new technology energy production in a net zero scenario.


Airborne Wind Energy harvests stronger and better wind energy resources with less use of material and less use of nature compared to conventional technology.

Why invest in us?

Airborne Wind Energy is of utmost importance for the road to net zero. There needs to be more than current technology to solve the decarbonization of the energy sector, and we need highly scalable new technologies that can contribute with vast amounts quickly. Airborne wind energy can handle the same energy production with 90 % less material used in the turbine system than conventional wind. The wind resources increase higher up, providing a capacity factor almost twice that of traditional wind. With a three-dimensional space to arrange production, the installed effect per unit of land can be tripled, and as a result – energy yield per area will be five times higher than conventional wind today.

Co-Founder & CEO at Kitemill

Thomas Hårklau

Viking Hall Finalist #4



1. Import of critical metals and minerals from China to produce electronics, solar panels, mobile phones, batteries, etc.
2. Deposing of hazardous industrial waste into nature.
3. The metallurgical industry has no solution to handle the waste sustainably; this is imperative to solve.


Refacture will produce demanded metals and minerals from hazardous industrial waste. First facility will be in Norway, thereafter expand globally.

Why invest in us?

Refacture has a world class team of plasma specialists and state-of-the art plasma torches. This will give us a head start for this industry of 5-10 years.

CEO at Refacture

Nick Narsavidze

Viking Hall Finalist #3



The attachment of marine species significantly impacts ship performance and efficiency due to an increasing drag force. New research shows that only 0,5mm of biofouling can increase fuel consumption by 25 %, and thereby a 25 % increase in greenhouse gas emissions. With new requirements, the current technology can not follow; the requirements include no spread of invasive species, no damage to the anti-fouling and thereby, no spread of microplastic, toxins and heavy metals.


We are changing the market through the power of light. We are building an advanced subsea laser system. Our technology effectively neutralises organisms by utilising laser irradiation, causing their demise without posing any further threat. Importantly, this process ensures that the energy bypasses the coating entirely, preventing potential harm and eliminating the release of microplastics, toxins, and heavy metals. Our innovation stands as the sole solution that meets all market requirements.

Why invest in us?

Providing an accurate market size estimate is challenging due to several influencing factors. What we do know is that the market was valued at $360 million in 2022 and is projected to double by 2028, as indicated in the Market Growth Report. It is evident that within five years, Norsjór will likely generate revenue of approximately $30 million, equivalent to around 10 % of the current market valuation.

Founder & CEO at Norsjór

Amalie Eilertsen

Viking Hall Finalist #2

Sunphade AS


Traditional solar control solutions like blinds or screens are often costly, require regular maintenance, and limit the outside view. With increasing energy costs and a growing focus on sustainability, we need a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach to solar control.


Sunphade is a dynamic solar control window film powered by sunlight. Utilizing photochromic technology, Sunphade automatically adapts to sunlight. Within minutes of sunlight exposure, the solar control film gradually darkens and clears back at half the speed.

In its clear state, Sunphade has a transparency of approximately 85%, while in the dark state, it maintains a comfortable 45%. It blocks the UV and infrared (IR) light as well as adjusts the level of visible light indoors to maintain an ideal and consistent ambience and comfortable environment. Sunphade is both simple and effective and requires no electricity, sensors, or complex installations.

Why invest in us?

Sunphade offers a cost-efficient solution for managing indoor light and temperature without electricity or ongoing maintenance. Sunphade aims to reduce energy consumption by reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling, contributing to an eco-friendlier living or working environment.

It also enhances architectural aesthetics by eliminating the need for traditional blinds or screens. All while keeping the view.

CEO at Sunphade AS

Erik Rønneberg

Viking Hall Finalist #1



Next-generation batteries with higher capacity relies on silicon as anode material, with a theoretic potential to increase the capacity tenfold from today’s graphite-based anodes. Current silicon-based anode materials are too expensive to be scalable, and are not stable enough to ensure a long enough lifetime.


Researchers at IFE have invented a unique silicon-based anode material, SiliconX, which demonstrates a tunable combination of high capacity and stability and that can be produced at scale at low cost.

Findings from the testing of SiliconX have attracted interest from top global battery manufacturers, Scandinavian manufacturers currently building battery cell manufacturing lines, material producers and top international electronic producers.

Why invest in us?

We are utilizing an industrial proven materials production technique, giving us an edge on cost. The alloying element, the X in SiliconX, gives additional stability to the material ensuring long enough lifetime while also improving the capacity compared to the current state-of-the-art.

Business developer at IFE

Sigmund S. Kielland